Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Junk Car Towing NJ

Cash for Junk Cars NJ
Look at that clunker!  Too bad you missed the deadline for that national Cash for Clunkers program, right? wrong!  There are services available year-round where you can drop off old vehicles, donate them, or simply have them junked.  Wouldn't you like to get something out of it, though?  How would you like to get cash for your junk car in NJ? You can get up to $700 cash in hand for your unused, unwanted or out-of-service vehicle.  It doesn't even have to be a car!  Services like provide junk car towing in NJ at no cost to the owner for trucks, vans, industrial vehicles and more.  Filling out a service request to junk your NJ car online is easy, and experienced servicemen will be at your location on the scheduled date to tow away your vehicle, whether or not you're present.  That's right!  There's no need to take the day off of work or miss any other plans waiting to greet the professionals at your door.

NJ junk car towing only takes a few simple steps, and the result is cash in hand: up to $700 for your unwanted van, junk truck, car, forklift, or any other vehicle you have no use for anymore.  What are you waiting for?  Take the number with you:  (201) 398-8842.  There are no bad questions.  Call today for answers and cash in hand.  Your junk car could be worth $700; Get it sold today!